• Air-fryer roast chicken

    Air-fryer roast chicken

    Cook a whole chicken in the air-fryer for a great way to keep the meat juicy. We’ve created a spice mix to flavour the chicken, too, or you can use your own

  • Sausage & kale minestrone

    Sausage & kale minestrone

    Use whatever small pasta shape is your favourite for this comforting bowl of minestrone soup – just amend the cooking time according to pack instructions

  • Fridge-raid one-pan pesto pasta

    Fridge-raid one-pan pesto pasta

    Use up odds and ends hanging around in the fridge to make this pasta. Try courgettes instead of peppers, or other leafy greens in place of the spinach

  • Pulled chicken bowl

    Pulled chicken bowl

    Enjoy this budget-friendly chicken and spinach dish with rice and tortilla chips, or use as a filling for a burrito or burger buns

  • Veg peel fritters

    Veg peel fritters

    Make veg peelings the star of the show with these easy fritters. They’re perfect the day after a big family dinner, such as at Christmas time

  • Air-fryer lemon drizzle cake

    Air-fryer lemon drizzle cake

    Ever tried your air-fryer for baking? While it’s not ideal for perfectly even cakes, it’s great for a fuss-free loaf cake, like this lemon drizzle

  • Warm winter bean salad with chicken

    Warm winter bean salad with chicken

    Banish the winter blues with our warm winter bean salad with chicken. Try to get butter beans from a jar as they’re generally softer and more flavourful

  • Ful medames

    Ful medames

    Try this brilliant Egyptian recipe from the head chef of London restaurant Ombra. Made using fava beans, it’s mashed into a chunky purée along with garlic, lemon and tahini

  • Air-fryer sweet potato hash

    Air-fryer sweet potato hash

    This crispy, smoky and satisfying air-fryer sweet potato hash is perfect for brunch or as main dish topped with a runny fried egg