• German apple cake

    German apple cake

    Use your favourite eating apples to bake this traditional German apple cake. Enjoy it with afternoon tea or take to a coffee morning

  • Easy cheesy leeks

    Easy cheesy leeks

    Make these luxurious leeks as part of your Christmas spread. Easily prepared in advance, the dish will bring great flavour to your Christmas dinner feast

  • Turkey larb bowls

    Turkey larb bowls

    Use up leftover Christmas turkey in this dish. After all the feasting, something crunchy and fresh with a little heat is just the ticket for Boxing Day

  • Honeyed hasselback carrots

    Honeyed hasselback carrots

    Cook carrots using the hasselback method to add visual flair to the Christmas table. It also means the garlicky glaze reaches all the way through the veg

  • Pesto spinach penne

    Pesto spinach penne

    Combine pasta with spinach, pesto and tomatoes for an easy healthy meal. Tomatoes contain vitamin C, which will help your body absorb the iron in the spinach

  • Vegan winter one-pan

    Vegan winter one-pan

    Serve up a bowl of warming vegan stew for dinner. This easy dish combines spinach, peanuts, potatoes and leeks for a nourishing meal.