• Cajun chicken pasta

    Cajun chicken pasta

    Make a crowd-pleasing pasta dish for dinner. We’ve taken inspiration from creamy alfredo sauce with Cajun-style seasoning to add a bit of punch.

  • Queen of puddings

    Queen of puddingsNew Recipes

    Whip up an indulgent British classic pudding, made by soaking breadcrumbs in hot milk and adding meringue and jam. It’s the perfect comforting dessert

  • Microwave cheat’s paella

    Microwave cheat’s paellaNew Recipes

    Try this shortcut version of the Spanish classic paella, with chicken and chorizo for a midweek meal. The recipe is based on a microwave with a power of 750W

  • Firework apples

    Firework apples

    Light up little faces on Bonfire Night with these colourful candy apples – kids will love helping to decorate them, too

  • Chocolate pizza

    Chocolate pizza

    Make this fun chocolate pizza baking project with the kids. Alongside marshmallows, bananas, pretzels and caramel sauce work well as toppings, too

    More effort
  • Mince & tatties

    Mince & tatties

    Enjoy our take on this popular Scottish dinner of stewed mince and mashed potato. It’s great comfort food on colder days and the mince can be made in the slow cooker

  • Chickpea, coconut & broccoli stew

    Chickpea, coconut & broccoli stew

    Serve this light yet comforting stew for a low-fat plant-based dinner. Chickpeas and green veg are cooked in a fragrant sauce made with coconut and ginger

  • Halloumi & chipotle loaf

    Halloumi & chipotle loaf

    Enjoy a loaf filled with delicious textures and kicking flavours, with creamy halloumi and the heat of smoky, sweet chipotle. Enjoy with lashings of butter

  • Roasted beetroot & feta salad

    Roasted beetroot & feta salad

    Let beetroots shine in this vibrant salad made with lentils, feta, walnuts and rocket. A satisfying lunch or supper, it’s a colourful seasonal salad for autumn

  • Stuffed peppers bake

    Stuffed peppers bake

    Fill peppers with mixed grains and feta, then bake in a tomato sauce for an easy, balanced midweek meal that delivers three of your five-a-day