• White chocolate fortune cookies

    White chocolate fortune cookiesNew Recipes

    Bake these homemade fortune cookies for New Year's Eve. While they require a bit of effort, they'll keep keen cooks in the family entertained, and the results are seriously impressive

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  • Millionaire’s cheesecake

    Millionaire’s cheesecakeNew Recipes

    Indulge in this no-bake chocolate cheesecake after a special dinner. Whether it's for New Year's Eve or a birthday, it's sure to impress

  • Creamy chicken stew

    Creamy chicken stewNew Recipes

    Cook this creamy, comforting stew to serve with our smashed mini jacket potatoes. This warming one-pot with chicken, peas and leeks is perfect for a special family meal

  • Smashed mini jackets

    Smashed mini jacketsNew Recipes

    Serve these smashed mini jacket potatoes with our creamy chicken stew for a crowd-pleasing dinner. The dish also works well for a family New Year's Eve feast

  • Fruity mocktail

    Fruity mocktailNew Recipes

    Make this fruit-flavoured mocktail with grenadine and orange juice to serve as a non-alcoholic drink option at a family party. It's more fun with grape and blueberry stirrers that double as a snack

  • Easy hedgehog canapé skewers

    Easy hedgehog canapé skewersNew Recipes

    Make these crowd-pleasing hedgehog canapé skewers for a party. With tomato and mozzarella, cheese and pineapple, and prawn and cucumber options, they're perfect for a family gathering

  • Creamy sprout, hazelnut & leek pasta

    Creamy sprout, hazelnut & leek pastaNew Recipes

    Use up your leftover Christmas Brussels sprouts in this comforting pasta recipe. The dish is healthy and low in calories, making it ideal after those festive indulgences

  • Root veg lentil bowl with herb pistou

    Root veg lentil bowl with herb pistouNew Recipes

    Give your leftover Christmas veg a healthy makeover with this meal in a bowl. Packed with lentils, spinach and herbs, it's filling and flavourful. Try it with carrots or parsnips 

  • Slow cooker turkey pho

    Slow cooker turkey phoNew Recipes

    Reduce food waste by using your leftover Christmas turkey to make stock – it’s great in our Asian-inspired pho noodle soup, full of fresh flavours