• Chickpea & coconut dhal

    Chickpea & coconut dhalNew Recipes

    You’ll love the ‘tarka’, which is the spiced butter that’s poured over this subtly flavoured Indian chickpea and coconut dhal. Serve with chutneys and pickles alongside

  • Vegetarian fajitas

    Vegetarian fajitasNew Recipes

    Looking for a quick and easy veggie family meal? Try these meat-free fajitas, loaded with black beans, avocado and peppers, which take just 15 minutes to make

  • Vegetarian Bolognese

    Vegetarian BologneseNew Recipes

    Make the most of Quorn mince for this easy veggie Bolognese that's low in fat and calories. Cook a large batch ahead and freeze for easy family dinners

  • Butternut korma with mini naans

    Butternut korma with mini naansNew Recipes

    Enhance a shop-bought curry paste with fresh ingredients to make a korma that will prove a big hit with the whole family. Serve with mini naan breads

  • Miso ramen

    Miso ramenNew Recipes

    Not sure about the taste of tofu? In this miso ramen, it's fried in a delicious sweet and sticky glaze and is accompanied by amazing Japanese flavours – delicious

  • Roast cauliflower cheese pizza

    Roast cauliflower cheese pizzaNew Recipes

    Serve this simple cauliflower cheese pizza alongside plenty of salad for a wholesome meal. It's a brilliant vegetarian supper the whole family will love

  • Egg fried noodles

    Egg fried noodlesNew Recipes

    Serve these egg fried noodles with egg, mushrooms and plenty of green veg for a meat-free meal the whole family can enjoy. It takes just 20 minutes to make

  • Spinach ball lasagne

    Spinach ball lasagneNew Recipes

    Try this lasagne with spinach and cheese for a meat-free family meal. it's freezable so you can make it ahead – or you could buy a white sauce for ease

  • Green minestrone with tortellini

    Green minestrone with tortelliniNew Recipes

    Add tortellini to this green minestrone soup with leeks, spring veg and peas for a filling lunch or supper. It's a healthy, low calorie choice on cold nights

  • Next level spaghetti & meatballs

    Next level spaghetti & meatballsNew Recipes

    Make the ultimate meatballs in a rich tomato sauce to serve over spaghetti. Comfort food at its best, this will prove a hit at the family dinner table