• Jewish honey cake

    Jewish honey cakeNew Recipes

    This simple honey cake, also known as ‘lekach’, is a must-have sweet treat when celebrating the Jewish New Year, or Rosh Hashanah. It’s best made a few days ahead, as the spicing and texture improve as it matures

  • Bloody mary seafood salad

    Bloody mary seafood saladNew Recipes

    Serve this bloody mary seafood salad as a starter or light lunch. The sauce also makes a fabulous bloody mary drink topped up with a little more tomato juice

  • Crab apple jelly

    Crab apple jellyNew Recipes

    Treat family and friends to homemade crab apple jelly – make up jars and enjoy with meat and game, or in cake fillings

  • Easy Halloween cookies

    Easy Halloween cookiesNew Recipes

    Get the kids excited for Halloween with these spooky bat and spider cookies. Complete with ‘squashed flies’ made from chocolate chips, they’ll be a big hit

  • Non-alcoholic eggnog

    Non-alcoholic eggnogNew Recipes

    Kick-start your Christmas with eggnog, a classic creamy cocktail. This version is alcohol-free, but still has all the indulgence of the original

  • Vampire’s kiss

    Vampire’s kissNew Recipes

    Get into a Halloween mood with this vampire-inspired cocktail, with champagne, vodka and raspberry liqueur. Garnish with red sugar for the wow factor

  • Norwegian butter cookies

    Norwegian butter cookiesNew Recipes

    Enjoy these traditional Norwegian butter cookies at Christmas as a treat for family and friends. They’re quick to make, and taste delicious

  • Spiced gram flour ladoo (besan ladoo)

    Spiced gram flour ladoo (besan ladoo)New Recipes

    Try this classic Indian sweet at Diwali. Besan ladoo is made with nutty fried gram flour enriched with fragrant saffron, chopped cashews and homemade ghee

  • Sugar mice

    Sugar miceNew Recipes

    Make these sugar mice at least a day before serving, so they have time to dry out. The recipe makes 12 mice – enough for one for each of your family and friends!

  • Indian rice pudding (kheer)

    Indian rice pudding (kheer)New Recipes

    Celebrate Diwali with this indulgent slow-cooked Indian rice pudding. Studded with dried fruit, it has a sweetly spiced floral flavour and a lovely creaminess