• Sweet potato salad

    Sweet potato salad

    This simple healthy salad of baked potato chunks makes a great alternative to mayonnaise-based versions

  • Lemon & coriander hummus

    Lemon & coriander hummus

    Hummus is so easy to make and beats shop-bought varieties every time. Try it with vegetable crudités in your packed lunch

  • Almond butter

    Almond butter

    If you think there’s no spread quite like peanut butter, try this version, sweetened with honey, as an energy-boosting snack

  • Pea, mint & chilli dip

    Pea, mint & chilli dip

    A speedy guacamole-style purée that’s ready in minutes and perfect for snacking or lunchboxes

  • Harissa sweet potato wedges

    Harissa sweet potato wedges

    Sweet potato chips make a healthy, high-fibre alternative to traditional chips, but taste just as good (if not better!)

  • Spicy chickpeas

    Spicy chickpeas

    Get the whole family snacking on this low-fat alternative to peanuts

  • Chinese-spiced seed mix

    Chinese-spiced seed mix

    Snack on these moreish sunflower and pumpkin nibbles, a healthier choice for a night in front of the television