• Luxury bread & onion sauce

    Luxury bread & onion sauce

    This thick white sauce makes the perfect accompaniment to roast chicken or turkey- flavour with cloves, bay and anise

  • All in-one bread sauce

    All in-one bread sauce

    Christmas isn’t complete without creamy bread sauce and this recipe is super-easy to make

  • Chilli cranberry sauce

    Chilli cranberry sauce

    A tiny hint of chilli lifts this cranberry sauce to a whole new tastebud-tingling level

  • English mustard sauce

    English mustard sauce

    A creamy accompaniment to roast meats, fish or salads, this tangy sauce contains shallots, bay leaves and white wine

  • Bread & walnut sauce

    Bread & walnut sauce

    Inspired by Turkish walnut sauce recipe called tarator, this flavoursome sauce has the taste of Christmas

  • Buttery shallot bread sauce

    Buttery shallot bread sauce

    This bread sauce has flavour layered up from the very start ,with almost-melting shallots, herbs and spices

  • Really simple cranberry sauce

    Really simple cranberry sauce

    Making your own sauce is really easy, and you can do it a few days ahead. Plus, this one uses only three ingredients