• Croissant bread sauce

    Croissant bread sauce

    Don’t waste stale croissants from Christmas morning – use them to make a rich bread sauce. For total indulgence, finish with a knob of butter to melt over the top

  • Parsley & caper dressing

    Parsley & caper dressing

    Enjoy this punchy parsley and caper dressing with our roasted rack of lamb. Make it as chunky or smooth as you like by chopping or blitzing in a blender

  • Crispy onion & bread sauce

    Crispy onion & bread sauce

    Elevate bread sauce by adding buttery, crisp onions. It’s an ideal condiment for the Christmas dinner table or to serve with your Sunday roast

  • Toasted bread sauce

    Toasted bread sauce

    Make a vegan version of bread sauce for the Christmas dinner table. Make it ahead, if you like, to save on time – store in the fridge for up to two days

  • Pumpkin spice syrup

    Pumpkin spice syrup

    Add this versatile pumpkin spice syrup, made with cinnamon, cloves and ginger, to lattes and milkshakes. You can also drizzle it over bakes and desserts

  • Spiced cranberry sauce

    Spiced cranberry sauce

    Make this spiced cranberry sauce to serve at your festive dinner table. It’s thick and chunky like chutney – for a thinner consistency, just add 100ml water

  • Creamy brioche bread sauce

    Creamy brioche bread sauce

    Make this classic turkey accompaniment up to three days in advance to help get your Christmas off to a stress-free start

  • Wild mushroom & madeira gravy

    Wild mushroom & madeira gravy

    Make this gravy in the lead-up to Christmas to save you time on the big day. It can be frozen for up to three months

  • Umami gravy

    Umami gravy

    This gravy packs a real punch, and goes perfectly with roast beef for Sunday lunch. Make a big batch and freeze leftovers ready for the next roast

  • No-stress gravy

    No-stress gravy

    Take the stress out of Christmas dinner prep with our easy five-ingredient gravy. Prep it on the day or make ahead and keep in the freezer until needed