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  • Claypot

    Dinner review: Claypot, Citymax, Kuwait Rd

    Dubai is certainly not lacking in high-end Indian restaurants pushing the boundaries of molecular gastronomy. The city however, is perhaps left wanting when it comes to relaxed, old-fashioned curry houses serving up wholesome delicious food. This is where Claypot steps in...

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  • Carnival-by-tresind-cover

    Dinner review: Carnival by Tresind

    Like its sister restaurant, Tresind, this recently opened Indian eatery is no ordinary curry house. And, while Carnival by Tresind follows suit in its molecular, Alinea-style ways, it differs completely from Tresind in a very fun, jovial way...

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  • Amala-dinner-review-jumeirah-cover

    Dinner review: Amala, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

    This Indian restaurant is based in the palatial Jumeirah Zabeel Saray hotel on Palm Jumeirah. Although Amala is largely focused on North Indian cuisine (particularly Mughali with plenty of Ottoman flavours), it also has a Malabar set menu, for those who prefer southern Goan-style dishes.

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