• Vegetable biryani with green raita

    Vegetable biryani with green raita

    Get four of your 5-a-day in this flavourful vegetable biryani. It’s easily doubled, and you can add a halved green chilli if you like extra spice

  • Gulab jamun

    Gulab jamun

    Make one of India’s most cherished festival desserts, gulab jamun. These fried dumplings are scented with cardamom and steeped in rose and saffron syrup

    More effort
  • Smoky cod, broccoli & orzo bake

    Smoky cod, broccoli & orzo bake

    Enjoy this easy, speedy cod, broccoli and orzo traybake on busy weeknights. It’s healthy and low in fat, and since it’s a traybake, there’s minimal washing-up!

  • Jalebi


    Make these sweet Indian treats by frying batter into crispy swirls, then dipping them in a sugary syrup made with cardamom and saffron

  • Buffalo cauliflower

    Buffalo cauliflower

    Make ‘buffalo cauliflower’ for a veggie take on the spicy American classic. Served with a ranch dip, it makes an excellent Friday night sharing treat

  • Boondi raita

    Boondi raita

    Try this simple Indian side featuring boondi – small deep-fried chickpea flour balls – in yogurt with mint and cumin

  • Fried chicken

    Fried chicken

    Try Melissa Thompson’s favourite method for cooking fried chicken inspired by the cooks she met while delving into this history of this classic dish

    More effort
  • Popcorn muesli

    Popcorn muesli

    Make a batch of muesli that uses popcorn as a crunchy base. Enjoy with bio yoghurt for a healthy start to the day. It will store in a jar for up to five days

  • Sweet & sour bean curry

    Sweet & sour bean curry

    Create this veggie bean curry for an easy midweek meal – it’s healthy and low in calories and fat. It contains a mixture of black-eyed beans and butter beans

  • Chole with cumin rice & raita

    Chole with cumin rice & raita

    Make a chickpea curry served with raita for a brilliant budget-friendly family meal. As well as being quick and easy, it’s healthy too