• Chicken wraps

    Chicken wraps

    Pile chicken, charred aubergine, tomatoes, red onion and avocado into a tortilla to make these quick and easy wraps. Full of veg, they’re perfect family food

  • Stewed apple

    Stewed apple

    Use up a glut of apples by stewing them with lemon, sugar and cinnamon for use in cooking. Or, serve with yogurt or your favourite bakes and desserts

  • Devilled eggs

    Devilled eggs

    Make devilled eggs to serve at a Boxing Day buffet. They’re filled with mustard, spring onions, mayo, yogurt and a pinch of cayenne. Top with chives, if you like

  • Gingerbread & honey loaf

    Gingerbread & honey loaf

    Make our multifunctional ginger and honey loaf cake. Enjoy with yogurt and stewed fruit for a festive brunch, or try as a teatime treat slathered with butter

  • Tomato, corn, ricotta & parmesan cobbler

    Tomato, corn, ricotta & parmesan cobbler

    Make this tomato and cheese cobbler to serve alongside roast chicken or enjoy on its own. It’s a revelation if you’ve never made a savoury cobbler before

  • Tandoori roast guinea fowl

    Tandoori roast guinea fowl

    Make a roast with a difference with this tandoori roast guinea fowl. Delicious served with flatbreads and raita, enjoy any leftovers wrapped in a naan bread

  • Gooseberry jam, muscat & mascarpone cake

    Gooseberry jam, muscat & mascarpone cake

    Impress guests with this stunning muscat and mascarpone cake, made with a luxurious gooseberry jam centre. This grown-up dessert is perfect for afternoon tea