• Mac ’n’ cheese sliders

    Mac ’n’ cheese sliders

    Feed a crowd at a party or buffet with these American-themed canapés of crispy squares of macaroni cheese, sandwiched in mini bread rolls

  • Baked olives with feta

    Baked olives with feta

    Roast olives and cheese with garlic, fennel and chilli for an easy and delicious canapé – a tasty dinner party nibble

  • Naan, spinach & halloumi bites

    Naan, spinach & halloumi bites

    Wilt spinach with garlic and spices, then pile onto small, warm pieces of naan bread and top with halloumi for an attractive vegetarian canapé

  • Twisty cheese straws

    Twisty cheese straws

    Puff pastry is ideal for canapés. Try twisted with cream cheese and pesto then baked until crispy

  • Cheeseboard sticks

    Cheeseboard sticks

    Create a canapé out of a classic cheeseboard, then thread on to skewers with quince paste and grapes

  • Glamorgan cheese sausage rolls

    Glamorgan cheese sausage rolls

    These melt in the mouth festive party nibbles provide a tasty alternative for your vegetarian guests – they’re also gluten-free

    More effort
  • Mini jacket potatoes

    Mini jacket potatoes

    Bake up some new potatoes and top with soured cream and chives for a bite-sized, simple canapé