• Marmalade carrots

    Marmalade carrots

    Sticky, buttery and sweet – this versatile side dish is simple yet glorious

  • Maple mustard roots

    Maple mustard roots

    The sweetness of this side dish makes it the ideal accompaniment to roast turkey

  • Roasted root vegetables

    Roasted root vegetables

    Root veg is a must with Sunday lunch and Christmas dinner, and this easy recipe is low-fat, superhealthy and high in fibre to boot

  • Low-fat roasties

    Low-fat roasties

    Enjoy these guilt-free roast potatoes – they contain around 6g fat compared to the usual 14g!

  • Sweet potato stackers

    Sweet potato stackers

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    For an added kick to these canapes, try
    swapping the lemon juice for a teaspoon
    of mustard in the mayo

  • St Clements carrots

    St Clements carrots

    Use some of the heap of clementines lying around over the Christmas period to make these sticky, citrussy roasted carrots

  • Sticky spiced red cabbage

    Sticky spiced red cabbage

    This colourful dish will complement any
    festive main course. Toss any leftovers with a drizzle
    of olive oil and serve with
    cold cuts, pâté or cheese