• Celeriac & parsnip bake

    Celeriac & parsnip bake

    This vegetable side dish is full of flavour with thyme, mustard seeds, red wine vinegar and chicken stock – perfect with a Sunday roast

  • Griddled lettuce & peas

    Griddled lettuce & peas

    This quick and healthy side dish makes the perfect accompaniment to salmon, white fish, chicken and lamb

  • Garlic & herb mash

    Garlic & herb mash

    Make your mash healthier by adding half-fat cre?me frai?che instead of butter and milk. Boil garlic with the potatoes for added flavour.

  • Roast parsnip & chestnut salad

    Roast parsnip & chestnut salad

    A low-fat yet rustic root vegetable salad flavoured with honey and rosemary. It makes a great accompaniment a roast dinner.

  • Cranberry chicken salad

    Cranberry chicken salad

    Use up leftover cranberry sauce in this healthy salad. Add a can of cannellini beans if you want to bulk it up

  • Sticky apple cups

    Sticky apple cups

    These simple dessert cups are made in the microwave and are brilliant to use up leftover dates and prunes