• Fruitcake with cheese & apples

    Fruitcake with cheese & apples

    The classic combination of apples and cheese is given a lift with thin slices of sweet fruitcake – a great festive party canapé or buffet treat

  • Chicory cups with prawns & mango

    Chicory cups with prawns & mango

    Juicy prawns pair beautifully with sweet mango and crunchy leaves in this simple canapé, finished with lemon juice and coriander

  • Sunday morning baked eggs

    Sunday morning baked eggs

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    These creamy, indulgent eggs are baked in individual ramekins with cream, cheese and tarragon – perfect for a lazy weekend brunch

  • Candy cane lollipops

    Candy cane lollipops

    These pretty sweet treats take just 15 minutes to make from just three ingredients – perfect as a last-minute edible gift or stocking filler

  • Hazelnut crunch mince pies

    Hazelnut crunch mince pies

    Jazz up your homemade mince pies by adding grated apple and orange zest – try a pretty star shaped lid, finished with a crisp nutty topping

  • Smoked salmon rice salad

    Smoked salmon rice salad

    Have some leftover smoked fish on your hands? Create this light and fresh Asian-style salad with a chilli and sesame dressing

  • Melty cheese fondue pot

    Melty cheese fondue pot

    If you love dunking into a gooey baked brie or camembert, this cheeseboard-inspired dip is for you

  • Twisty cheese straws

    Twisty cheese straws

    Puff pastry is ideal for canapés. Try twisted with cream cheese and pesto then baked until crispy

  • Polenta & prosciutto chips

    Polenta & prosciutto chips

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    Wrap ready-made polenta in Italian ham and bake for a stylish, dippable party bite