• Chimichurri sauce

    Chimichurri sauce

    This classic South American herb sauce balances a rich steak perfectly, but it works with lots of other grilled foods too

  • Creamy Aji green sauce

    Creamy Aji green sauce

    A mayonnaise-based Brazilian dip with coriander, jalapeños, spring onions, garlic and cumin. Blitz it up and serve on a barbecue spread

  • Smoky tomato pepper salsa

    Smoky tomato pepper salsa

    This Brazilian salsa finished with sweet paprika makes a great accompaniment for grilled meat and fish

  • Black beans & rice

    Black beans & rice

    A simple two-ingredient side to serve with all manner of mains – try it with barbecued meat or vegetarian salads

  • Cumin & onion marinated beef

    Cumin & onion marinated beef

    Based on the Brazilian dish churrasco, steak is flavoured with tangy Worcestershire sauce, spices, citrus and garlic

  • BBQ halloumi skewers

    BBQ halloumi skewers

    This oregano seasoning is based on a Brazilian recipe using ‘queijo de coalho’ and works really well with halloumi. Serve with a selection of dipping sauces