• Crisp baked potatoes

    Crisp baked potatoes

    Crisp-skinned, fluffy-fleshed jackets are a cheap and cheerful way to feed a crowd – great with beans and sausages

  • Grape jelly

    Grape jelly

    This slightly tart, vibrant red jelly makes a lovely change from the usual jams

    A challenge
  • Healthy coleslaw

    Healthy coleslaw

    Get the kids cooking with this simple coleslaw – they’ll be keen to eat it if they’ve helped out

  • Ready-to-go wraps

    Ready-to-go wraps

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    Perfect for kids and easy enough for them to make themselves, these handy wraps are great for the car journey

  • Citrus soba noodles

    Citrus soba noodles

    Simple, zesty and quick. Throw in your favourite veg or a bit of chicken to make it a meal, or serve it as a simple side to Asian-inspired meals