• Shortbread recipe

    Shortbread recipe

    Bake these classic shortbread biscuits to wow a crowd. You only need four ingredients, but you can mix it up with lemon or orange zest, or try adding chopped pistachios

  • From-the-fridge omelette

    From-the-fridge omelette

    Use whatever veg you have on hand, along with eggs and milk, to easily whip up a tasty omelette

  • Quick cheese straws

    Quick cheese straws

    Delicious cheesy sticks, perfect for dipping, just as good on their own – ready in under 20 minutes.

  • Cornbread wedges

    Cornbread wedges

    A great accompaniment for spicy stews and chillies, or just with a salad for lunch

  • Buttermilk bites

    Buttermilk bites

    They might be known as biscuits in America, but they taste like a savoury scone and are perfect for scooping up chowder sauce

  • Almond raisin cake with sherry

    Almond raisin cake with sherry

    Forget the tea and cake here and serve this with a glass of sherry. For the best result make this the day before so the flavours can infuse

  • Ham & cheese bake

    Ham & cheese bake

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    Prepare this warming dish the day before, so all you need to
    do is pop it in the oven when you wake up