• Homemade cornettos

    Homemade cornettos

    A summer’s day isn’t complete without an ice cream – try this homemade version of a childhood favourite

  • Spiced apple pie

    Spiced apple pie

    Never heard ‘it’s as Nepalese as apple pie’? Try this classic with a twist and you’ll be converted

  • Oven-baked rösti cake

    Oven-baked rösti cake

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    Grate potatoes into a hash brown-style patty and cook in the oven for a convenient and tasty side dish

    More effort
  • Asian chicken salad

    Asian chicken salad

    This easy-to-prepare salad is filled with zingy flavours – the simplified version is great for kids’ lunchboxes too

  • Crisp chicken bites

    Crisp chicken bites

    Summer holidays often mean kids friends are round for dinner, make sure there’s something in the freezer with these yummy bites

  • Easy salmon sushi

    Easy salmon sushi

    Smoked salmon gives this easy recipe a festive touch and means you don’t have to prepare fresh fish – a good sushi recipes for beginners