• Saffron chicken korma

    Saffron chicken korma

    Add saffron to this chicken korma, or zafran murgh korma, to give it a lovely colour and make it very special. Serve this mild chicken curry as a main course or as part of an Indian feast

  • Ultimate falafel wrap

    Ultimate falafel wrap

    Make our 5-ingredient falafels to create these ultimate veggie wraps, packed with falafels, avocado and herbs and topped with a delicious tahini sauce

  • Fresh fig chutney

    Fresh fig chutney

    Enjoy this sticky, sweet fig chutney alongside pâté and our homemade rosemary crackers or your favourite cheese. Make the most of figs when they're in season

  • Homemade rosemary crackers

    Homemade rosemary crackers

    Warning: these rosemary crackers are addictive! The dough is just a simple mix of flour, water and oil, into which you can add a flavour, such as rosemary

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  • Vegetarian wraps

    Vegetarian wraps

    Try these flavour-packed veggie wraps filled with pickled onions, roasted veg, coconut tzatziki and spicy green sauce. They will feed four people for under £10 – perfect for a hungry crowd

  • Three-minute blender banana pancakes

    Three-minute blender banana pancakes

    Kids love these fruity pancakes and they're so quick to make with minimal washing-up and no scales required. A cooked breakfast is rarely this easy

  • Two-minute breakfast smoothie

    Two-minute breakfast smoothie

    Whizz up a low-fat breakfast smoothie in no time. Use banana with other soft fruit, plus honey for a little sweetness and oats for slow-release fuel

  • Easy soda bread

    Easy soda bread

    Want a simple bread recipe? This soda bread requires no kneading or proving, is yeast-free and takes mere minutes to prepare. Above all, it's delicious

  • Christmas biscuits in a jar

    Christmas biscuits in a jar

    A lovely Christmas gift for foodies, our pretty jar contains almost everything you need to make 24 malty white biscuits with white chocolate and cranberries