• Pink peppercorn & lime butter

    Pink peppercorn & lime butter

    Flavour butter with pink peppercorn and lime zest and juice to make your own flavoured butter. It will keep for a week and is great served with white fish

  • Long pepper & orange butter

    Long pepper & orange butter

    Flavour butter with pepper and orange zest and juice to make your own flavoured butter. Enjoy it with crusty bread or over steamed spinach or greens

  • Cloud eggs

    Cloud eggs

    Try these light-as-air eggs for breakfast, with scrambled 'cloud' egg whites, spring onions and chives surrounding a baked egg yolk. Serve on toast 

  • Chocolate puddle cupcakes

    Chocolate puddle cupcakes

    Bake these chocolate cupcakes and top with smooth buttercream, chocolate eggs and bunnies for a sweet Easter treat

  • Tofu scramble

    Tofu scramble

    Try our vegan spiced tofu with cherry tomatoes for an egg-free take on scramble on toast. Perfect for breakfast, served on rye bread

  • Healthy spiced rice pudding

    Healthy spiced rice pudding

    Make a rice pudding infused with hot cross bun flavours for a special (and healthy) Easter treat for the family. Use semi-skimmed milk for 2-5 year olds

  • Healthy Easter bunny pancakes

    Healthy Easter bunny pancakes

    Celebrate Easter with these cute Easter bunny pancakes. A brilliant breakfast or treat for kids, they'll love helping out in the kitchen. Use semi-skimmed milk if cooking for a child under five years old

  • Almond milk

    Almond milk

    Make your own almond milk to use as a substitute for dairy milk. It's simple to make and tastes great in porridge, smoothies and hot drinks