• Vegan potato salad

    Vegan potato salad

    Make a vegan version of a classic potato salad using vegan mayonnaise. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a barbecue, picnic or salads in the summer

  • Cheat’s tomato chilli jam

    Cheat’s tomato chilli jam

    Make our cheat’s tomato and chilli jam to serve with burgers – it works beautifully on on our can’t believe it’s vegan burger. It will keep for two weeks in the fridge

  • Kefir breakfast smoothie

    Kefir breakfast smoothie

    Kick-start your morning with this probiotic-rich kefir breakfast smoothie. With mango, orange juice, ginger and turmeric, you’ll be ready for the day ahead

  • Einkorn soda bread

    Einkorn soda bread

    Use einkorn flour – one of the earliest forms of wheat eaten by humankind – to make this soda bread. It delivers a lovely rich and nutty flavour

  • Szechuan pepper, chilli & soy butter

    Szechuan pepper, chilli & soy butter

    Flavour butter with pepper, chilli and soy sauce to make your own flavoured butter that will keep for a week. Serve with Asian greens or melted onto steak

  • Timut & cardamom pepper butter

    Timut & cardamom pepper butter

    Add a twist of pepper and cardamom to butter to make your own flavoured butter. Enjoy it with crusty bread or melt onto grilled or barbecued chicken

  • Alcohol-free passion fruit martini

    Alcohol-free passion fruit martini

    Serve up this fizzy and fruity mocktail at a party, for all of the fun but none of the alcohol. Use an alcohol-free spirit with a spicy, complex flavour

  • Tortillas


    Forget shop-bought and try homemade tortillas. They'll store for two days or you can freeze them to use later. They're perfect for wraps

  • Peanut butter pancakes

    Peanut butter pancakes

    Try pancakes with a sweet, crunchy peanut butter sauce – perfect for Pancake Day, a weekend brunch or even dessert