• Apple jam

    Apple jam

    Make up jars of homemade apple jam and gift to friends and family. It’s delicious spread simply on toast, or as a filling in your favourite cakes and bakes

  • Redcurrant jam

    Redcurrant jam

    Have a glut of redcurrants? High in pectin, they’re a great ingredient for jams and jellies. If you prefer a seeded jam, simply omit sieving the fruit

  • Greengage jam

    Greengage jam

    Gather up gorgeous greengages to make a beautiful jam. Using fruit before it’s very ripe has a higher pectin content, so opt for these over softer options

  • Blackberry jelly

    Blackberry jelly

    Pair this versatile blackberry jelly with a sharp cheddar, or spread over scones with cream. Make sure you use ripe, juicy berries

  • Cheat’s tomato chilli jam

    Cheat’s tomato chilli jam

    Make our cheat’s tomato and chilli jam to serve with burgers – it works beautifully on on our can’t believe it’s vegan burger. It will keep for two weeks in the fridge

  • Raw strawberry jam

    Raw strawberry jam

    A no-cook strawberry jam you can prepare in 15 minutes. No need to slave over a hot stove, simply combine, leave to thicken, stir and savour

  • Cinnamon-scented plum jam

    Cinnamon-scented plum jam

    This delicately spiced jam is a gorgeous way to preserve the taste of autumn fruits – delicious spread on hot buttered toast or teacakes

  • Gooseberry & elderflower jam

    Gooseberry & elderflower jam

    Preserve the taste of the season and use up a glut of gooseberries and elderflower cordial to make this simple, sweet spread

    More effort
  • Rhubarb & ginger jam

    Rhubarb & ginger jam

    This delicious jam is a perfect late winter pick-me-up combining seasonal forced rhubarb with health-boosting ginger

    More effort