• Damson jelly

    Damson jelly

    A delicious way to deal with a glut of damsons – perfect on toast or fresh bread and a great accompaniment to roast meats

    A challenge
  • Marrow & ginger jam

    Marrow & ginger jam

    A traditional way to use up marrows, or courgettes, that have grown too big for their boots

  • Homemade raspberry jam

    Homemade raspberry jam

    If you are a jam-making novice, raspberry jam is a good one to start with as it’s so quick

  • Sweet chilli jam

    Sweet chilli jam

    This has a kick, but won’t blow your head off, and goes well with any selection of cold cuts of meat

  • Strawberry jam

    Strawberry jam

    Make a jam with British strawberries for the ultimate flavour

    More effort
  • Rhubarb & vanilla jam

    Rhubarb & vanilla jam

    Homemade jam doesn't have to be just a summer treat with this sweet-sharp seasonal recipe