• Mexican bean chilli

    Mexican bean chilli

    The secret ingredient in this chipotle-spiced, beef chilli con carne is a storecupboard favourite – baked beans

  • Fruit & nut yogurt

    Fruit & nut yogurt

    An energy-boosting breakfast pot that makes a great alternative to cereal and will keep you full until lunch

  • Simple seafood chowder

    Simple seafood chowder

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    A chunky, creamy soup with salmon and smoked haddock, mixed shellfish and potatoes – a hearty meal

  • Spiced scrambled eggs

    Spiced scrambled eggs

    Make a wholesome start to the morning with creamy scrambled eggs on toast, perfect for using up a stray tomato or two

  • Salmon & soya bean salad

    Salmon & soya bean salad

    Packed with the kind of fat that is good for you, this makes a light yet still satisfying meal