• Salmon scramble flatbreads

    Salmon scramble flatbreads

    Try a healthier alternative to smoked salmon and scrambled eggs that’s just as delicious, but made with fresh spinach and served on homemade flatbreads

  • Garden eggs stew with boiled green plantain

    Garden eggs stew with boiled green plantain

    Try something different for dinner with this hearty African-inspired garden eggs (also known as white aubergine) stew with eggs and salted fish. Enjoy with green plantain

    More effort
  • Crispy tofu

    Crispy tofu

    Fry tofu in a coating of smoked paprika, garlic and seasoning to make these crispy tofu bites. Eat as a snack or as a starter or side dish in a veggie feast

  • One-pan English breakfast

    One-pan English breakfast

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    This combines all the best ingredients of a traditional English breakfast in one frying pan, with no need to chop anything

  • Fruity lamb tagine

    Fruity lamb tagine

    This succulent and superhealthy one-pot is guaranteed to satisfy a crowd – save time and make it up to two days ahead

  • Mexican bean chilli

    Mexican bean chilli

    The secret ingredient in this chipotle-spiced, beef chilli con carne is a storecupboard favourite – baked beans

  • Fruit & nut yogurt

    Fruit & nut yogurt

    An energy-boosting breakfast pot that makes a great alternative to cereal and will keep you full until lunch