• Spicy chickpeas

    Spicy chickpeas

    Get the whole family snacking on this low-fat alternative to peanuts

  • Chinese-spiced seed mix

    Chinese-spiced seed mix

    Snack on these moreish sunflower and pumpkin nibbles, a healthier choice for a night in front of the television

  • Funky feta skewers

    Funky feta skewers

    Cheese and pineapple on a stick gets a totally tropical transformation – use watermelon and mango and sprinkle with poppyseeds

  • Crisp orange shortbread

    Crisp orange shortbread

    Coeliac sufferers need not miss out on sweet treats with this gluten-free melt-in-the-mouth shortbread recipe

  • Sweet & spicy popcorn

    Sweet & spicy popcorn

    Ready in under 10 minutes, this snack is great eaten warm or stored as a snack to stave off hunger between meals

  • Spiced apple crisps

    Spiced apple crisps

    Keep hunger pangs at bay by snacking on healthy dried fruit – this version bakes Granny Smiths with cinnamon