• Celery juice

    Celery juice

    Make this simple celery juice your own by adding green chilli for a bit of heat, turmeric, or a little maple syrup to sweeten, if you like

  • Carrot & parsnip soup

    Carrot & parsnip soup

    Create a batch of creamy parsnip and carrot soup for a warming lunch or supper. Serve with crusty bread and freeze any leftovers you have for busy days

  • White hot chocolate

    White hot chocolate

    Blend white chocolate with milk and vanilla extract to make this indulgent hot chocolate. Add nutmeg, cinnamon or cardamom for added spiciness, if you like

  • Winter tabbouleh

    Winter tabbouleh

    Combine cauliflower, fennel, bulgur wheat, nuts and pomegranate seeds to make this winter version of tabbouleh. It’s delicious served as a side dish

  • Zesty & crunchy sprout slaw

    Zesty & crunchy sprout slaw

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Have this sprout slaw up your sleeve for the festive period. Serve with ham or leftover meat in a sandwich, or simply in a big bowl topped with nuts or feta

  • Dried orange & lemon slices

    Dried orange & lemon slices

    Dry orange and lemon slices to use as decorations at Christmas time. They make lovely tree, table or wreath decorations, or pop in a jar as a gift

  • Vegan custard

    Vegan custard

    Make our vegan coconut custard to pour over your favourite desserts. Made with coconut milk, it pairs beautifully with our carrot, coconut & date pudding

  • Tamarind prawn curry

    Tamarind prawn curry

    Our tamarind prawn curry will quickly become a family favourite. It’s quick, healthy and low in fat and calories

  • Carrots with bacon & marmalade butter

    Carrots with bacon & marmalade butter

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Take the humble carrot to new heights with an irresistible bacon and marmalade butter. This makes a great Christmas dinner side

  • Orange, chickpea & prosciutto salad

    Orange, chickpea & prosciutto salad

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Look for a buffalo mozzarella to use in this salad, if you can. With chickpeas, prosciutto and hazelnuts, it’s a riot of colour and texture