• Beef rissoles

    Beef rissoles

    Combine meat and veg in these crowd-pleasing beef rissoles – they make a filling and family-friendly supper when served with mash and peas

  • One-pot tomato orzo

    One-pot tomato orzo

    Have a glut of tomatoes? Put them to good use in this one-pan orzo dish, perfect for a family midweek dinner. Finish with fresh parsley and plenty of parmesan

  • Roasted aubergine salad

    Roasted aubergine salad

    Create our roasted aubergine salad with lots of different colours and textures, then serve it on a platter to deliver big impact for small effort

  • Pork stroganoff

    Pork stroganoff

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Enjoy our stroganoff for a casual dinner party main. A great go-to dish, we’ve made it with pork and added Dijon mustard and extra mushrooms for more oomph

  • Chicken sausage pasta

    Chicken sausage pasta

    Enjoy our chicken sausage pasta for a midweek meal – it’s tasty, quick and full of veg, and you can add carrots, sweetcorn or peas to bump the veg count up further, if you like

  • Brussels sprout slaw

    Brussels sprout slaw

    Use up any extra brussels sprouts in your veg box this winter by making this sprout slaw. It will go particularly well with cold cuts on Boxing Day

  • Alfredo sauce

    Alfredo sauce

    Enjoy this classic Italian sauce folded into cooked pasta. It’s been adapted over the years to include double cream, making it rich, unctuous and delicious

  • Fat rascals

    Fat rascals

    Treat yourself to a Yorkshire classic with these fat rascals. Full of dried fruit and spices, they’re a cheeky bit of fun to serve with a cup of tea

  • Apple flapjacks

    Apple flapjacks

    These flapjacks add a fruity twist to the classic oat bakes with a mixture of fresh and dried apple, and they’re a winning snack for the whole family when you’re on the go or out on a picnic.

  • Breakfast casserole

    Breakfast casserole

    Kick-start your day with our delicious breakfast casserole made with eggs, veggie sausages, peppers, red onion and cheese – it’s a great way to feed a crowd