• Celery parmigiana

    Celery parmigiana

    Let celery shine in our flavourful veggie parmigiana. A veg box star, celery is a versatile vegetable and more than just a base for sauces and soups

  • Air fryer muffins

    Air fryer muffins

    Make beautifully golden brown muffins in your air fryer in no time. Add blueberries, chocolate chips or dried fruit, whatever you like. You can even double the mixture to make more

  • Raspberry cake

    Raspberry cake

    Make this summery cake with seasonal fresh raspberries. A dusting of icing sugar offsets the red of the raspberries, but you could also serve with a glaze.

  • Marrow soup

    Marrow soup

    Make marrow the star of the show in this filling soup. Made with butter beans, coconut milk and curry powder, it has a delicate spiced flavour

  • Pear crumble

    Pear crumble

    Usher in autumn with our twist on the favourite crumble pudding. With soft pears and a crunchy topping with added hazelnuts, it’s no wonder this is a classic British dessert

  • Coronation chickpea sandwich filler

    Coronation chickpea sandwich filler

    Create this veggie version of sandwich favourite Coronation chicken using chickpeas. It makes a lovely addition to a summer picnic menu.

  • Apple cinnamon cake

    Apple cinnamon cake

    Treat the family to this comforting apple cinnamon cake. Made with warming cinnamon spices, fresh apples and almonds, it’s a wonderful winter dessert

  • Courgette & lime cake

    Courgette & lime cake

    Use up a glut of courgettes in this loaf cake. You won’t taste them – mixing them into the batter creates a tender sponge that carries the lime flavour

  • Easy vegetarian chilli

    Easy vegetarian chilli

    Rustle up our easy vegetarian chilli. It’s a great recipe for batch-cooking – you can easily double it if you have a pan big enough, and freeze the rest

  • Courgette curry

    Courgette curry

    Scoop out the seeds before slicing and frying the courgettes to achieve a firmer texture in this curry. Nothing is wasted – the seeds bulk out the sauce