• Creamy halloumi & tomato curry

    Creamy halloumi & tomato curry

    Enjoy halloumi in this family-friendly curry – it has a wonderful texture, similar to paneer. You may want to halve the amount of garam masala for young children

  • Pear & yogurt spelt cake

    Pear & yogurt spelt cake

    Make this cake with spelt flour – rich in fibre, it works well in bakes, providing nuttiness and subtle sweetness. Serve warm after a Sunday roast

  • Butterscotch pudding

    Butterscotch pudding

    Be transported back to your childhood with this classic pud. It’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser topped with fresh cream and chocolate shavings

  • Three-bean chilli

    Three-bean chilli

    Batch-cook this chilli on a chilly evening and keep some in the freezer to heat up after a long day. Serve with rice, lime wedges, avocado and soured cream

  • Creamy tagliatelle with spinach & petit pois

    Creamy tagliatelle with spinach & petit pois

    “This recipe highlights the versatility of frozen vegetables and pantry essentials, and it’s completely vegan. Incorporating blended silken tofu into sauces is one of my favourite methods to add vegan protein to meals. Serve this dish with chopped pistachios and nutritional yeast for added flavour.” — Dr Chintal Patel

  • Shredded chicken

    Shredded chicken

    Use this shredded chicken to add to your favourite salads and sandwiches. A useful timesaver, it can be made ahead and kept in the fridge for up to three days

  • Cheesy potato patchwork pie

    Cheesy potato patchwork pie

    Take inspiration from potato dauphinoise for this rustic veggie pie that’s bursting with caramelised leeks and cheese. It’s ideal for a cosy evening in

  • Golden spiced pilaf with crispy shallots

    Golden spiced pilaf with crispy shallots

    Combine crispy shallots, warming spices, crunchy nuts and soft fruits to make this stunning pilaf. Serve alone with yogurt, or alongside veg, meat or fish