• One-pan cod & red shrimp

    One-pan cod & red shrimp

    Stew chunks of cod with wild red shrimp to make a moreish, low-fat dinner. White fish is an important source of iodine, which is needed for a healthy metabolism

  • Black forest breakfast bowl

    Black forest breakfast bowl

    Enjoy the flavours of this classic dessert in a healthy breakfast. It’s a tasty combination of cholesterol-lowering oats, heart-healthy soya yogurt, nuts, seeds and berries

  • Halloumi fajitas with soured cream & guacamole

    Halloumi fajitas with soured cream & guacamole

    “This fajita recipe is a staple in our kitchen, as it’s an effortless way to include colourful vegetables in your diet and achieve of your five-a-day’. You can switch the protein source from halloumi to paneer, tofu or even chicken strips if preferred. It’s easily adaptable too, allowing for seasonal vegetable substitutions.” — Dr Chintal Patel

  • Creamy coconut & spinach dhal

    Creamy coconut & spinach dhal

    “This meal is a complete hug in a bowl. Substituting half of the rice for quinoa not only adds extra wholegrain goodness but also boosts the meal’s fibre and protein content. Alternatively, wholegrain brown rice serves as an excellent alternative. A squeeze of lemon juice is an excellent way to include vitamin C, aiding in the absorption of iron from the lentils and spinach.” — Dr Chintal Patel

  • Sea bass with cauliflower mash & parsley sauce

    Sea bass with cauliflower mash & parsley sauce

    “An elegant and effortlessly prepared meal, perfect for a Saturday night in or a special date night. Cauliflower offers a wonderfully creamy alternative to potatoes in the mash, and by incorporating carrots, you’ve already checked off two of your five-a-day and added diversity to the dish. No need to peel your carrots – a thorough scrub helps retain the fibre content. Feel free to substitute the broccoli with any seasonal vegetables of your choice, too.” — Dr Chintal Patel

  • Ginger chicken udon noodles

    Ginger chicken udon noodles

    Serve up these fragrant and light noodles with chicken, beansprouts and cabbage in 30 minutes. With fiery ginger and red chilli, it’s full of flavour

  • Tomato soup & hummus crispbreads

    Tomato soup & hummus crispbreads

    Get organised for the week ahead and make this soup on a Sunday – it keeps well in the fridge. We’ve packed in the veg, along with red lentils to add protein

  • Lamb, aubergine & halloumi hotpot

    Lamb, aubergine & halloumi hotpot

    Try this twist on a lamb hotpot which uses a blend of everyday spices to create an aromatic dish with an eye-catching topping of aubergine and halloumi

  • Speedy lentil coconut curry

    Speedy lentil coconut curry

    This quick and easy curry has such great depth of flavour – it tastes like it’s been cooked for hours. It’s healthy too, as well as being low in fat and calories

  • Olive-brine chicken

    Olive-brine chicken

    Beat food waste and use up olive brine to make this flavourful chicken dinner. Nocellara olives work well, but any green olives will do