Nando's to open new restaurant in Jeddah this December

Nando's to open new restaurant in Jeddah this December

Nando’s, the home of the famous Afro-Portuguese flame-grilled peri-peri chicken, has spread its wings in Saudi Arabia and will be opening the doors of its newest Casa on Saturday, December 8.

Landmark Hospitality Territory Head Carlo Aoun said: “We’re extremely excited to be opening in Jeddah and we look forward to bringing our peri-peri flavour to a whole new community of fans.

“Jeddah is a unique place in Saudi Arabia and we share the passions of so many of the young people in terms of art, music and comedy. Like Jeddah, Nando’s is unique and the opening of our newest Casa will bring another game-changing movement to a place that’s already filled with creativity.”

The new restaurant is said to feature a bespoke design that is unique to Jeddah, following the brand’s ethos that no two restaurants are ever the same.

As well as tasty food on offer, guests will also be also be able to view a host of original artworks by South African artists in the restaurant.

The opening at Red Sea Mall will coincide with the restaurant’s quest to search for people who are “breaking the mould in their own way” – through music, arts, design, tech or culture.

Tapping into the existing +JeddahGhair (unique Jeddah) movement, the +NandosGhair campaign will recognize individuals who are adding to the rich and diverse culture of Jeddah.

Details: The Red Sea Mall restaurant is set to open on December 8th.