• Spicy quinoa

    Spicy quinoa

    Spice up your meal time with this low-carb healthy grain

  • Barney’s roly-poly mince pies

    Barney’s roly-poly mince pies

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    These aren’t really pies – they’re more like Catherine wheels or miniature Danish pastries and are great fun for Christmas

  • Mary’s prawn & corn rosti

    Mary’s prawn & corn rosti

    These crispy prawn cakes are perfect for when you feel like a comforting treat – and they’re great to welcome the kids home from school

  • Spicy lamb patties

    Spicy lamb patties

    Don’t dismiss Indian cooking as ‘too hard’ and leave it to your local curry house, try cooking this spicy lamb dish for starters

    More effort
  • Cheese & Marmite scones

    Cheese & Marmite scones

    Marmite gives a deep savoury flavour to these tasty pinwheel cheddar cheese scones – perfect for afternoon tea or a simple snack

  • Gravadlax temptation

    Gravadlax temptation

    Delicious potato and fish dish based on a Swedish recipe – made with only five ingredients.