• Blueberry & lemon pancakes

    Blueberry & lemon pancakes

    Get kids to help prepare a batch of American-style cakes – the zesty-berry topping makes these a healthy brunch option

  • Stuffed jacket potatoes

    Stuffed jacket potatoes

    A simple baked potato recipe to get kids in the kitchen – this is easy to follow and great for teaching

  • Pitta pockets

    Pitta pockets

    A no-cook quick and simple snack that's ideal for an energy-boosting refuel when doing exercise or playing sport

  • Spanish omelette

    Spanish omelette

    Fluffy vegetarian tortilla is a great meal to make with older children- this one’s filled with peppers and potatoes

  • Vietnamese veggie hotpot

    Vietnamese veggie hotpot

    A warming supper dish that’s aromatic without being spicy, so the kids can enjoy it too

  • Cheap-as-chips veggie pizza

    Cheap-as-chips veggie pizza

    This quick, budget take on classic spinach and egg 'florentine' pizza uses flatbreads instead of traditional dough