• Tandoori roast chicken

    Tandoori roast chicken

    Serve this Indian spiced bird with rice, potatoes and vegetables for an alternative roast dinner

  • Cardamom butter chicken

    Cardamom butter chicken

    A homemade curry to rival your favourite Indian takeaway – a rich blend of spices mixed with creamy ghee

  • Special fried rice with prawns & chorizo

    Special fried rice with prawns & chorizo

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    A fusion dish that merges Spanish paella with Asian egg fried rice – a great way to get kids to eat vegetables

  • Chicken tikka with spiced rice

    Chicken tikka with spiced rice

    Indian food needn’t be a guilty pleasure – this healthy baked chicken with fragrant, fresh rice is nutritious and flavoursome

  • Red Thai salmon curry

    Red Thai salmon curry

    Make this as spicy as you like and experiment with different veg. It will soon become a last minute favourite

  • Sloppy Joe pizza breads

    Sloppy Joe pizza breads

    Take a jar of tomato sauce, beef mince, mozzarella cheese and a baguette and you have this speedy supper – serve with basil