• Florentine dairy-free pizza

    Florentine dairy-free pizza

    Hit your 5-a-day target in one go with this crisp pizza piled high with veg, suitable for the lactose-intolerant

  • Sweet & sour chicken

    Sweet & sour chicken

    This homemade sweet and sour sauce is so much better than a takeaway. Great with rice or noodles

  • Chicken masala skewers

    Chicken masala skewers

    These skewers are great with a dollop of mango chutney or raita, and can also be cooked on the barbecue for hot summer days

  • 5 easy pizza toppings

    5 easy pizza toppings

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    Knock up a quick dough base then choose one of these exciting toppings for an easy homemade Italian feast

  • Prawn chow mein

    Prawn chow mein

    This low-fat stir-fry recipe is packed with crunchy vegetables and tangy oyster sauce

  • Veggie Thai red curry

    Veggie Thai red curry

    This fragrant Thai dish is sure to get your taste buds into action, and is ready in under an hour