• Sausage, apple & leek pie

    Sausage, apple & leek pie

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    Quicker to make than a traditional pie, and easy on the purse too

  • Seville meringue pie with pomegranate

    Seville meringue pie with pomegranate

    With fluffy meringue on top and zesty Seville oranges underneath, this sumptuous pie with pomegranate topping is a spectacular seasonal dessert

    More effort
  • Melty cheese & potato pie

    Melty cheese & potato pie

    Drawing from the apres-ski classic tartiflette, this indulgent pie transforms into a cheesy fondue with creamy sliced potatoes and crisp puff pastry 

    More effort
  • Beef, leek & swede Cumberland pie

    Beef, leek & swede Cumberland pie

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    With a golden swede, creamy potato and crunchy breadcrumb topping, this twist on a Cumberland pie is sure to become a warming winter staple 

  • Moroccan-spiced turkey pie

    Moroccan-spiced turkey pie

    Transform leftover turkey in this spiced filo pastry parcel, inspired by a Moroccan pastilla – a perfect main course for Boxing Day

  • Mr McGregor’s rabbit pie

    Mr McGregor’s rabbit pie

    This shortcrust pie has a creamy leek, mustard, cider and fennel sauce. Serve with buttery radishes, baby carrots and peas

    More effort
  • Strawberry & peanut crunch pie

    Strawberry & peanut crunch pie

    Show off vibrant berries in this nutty twist on a classic cheesecake. Serve it fridge cold so the buttery biscuit base is set nice and firm

    More effort
  • Pear & blackberry crostata

    Pear & blackberry crostata

    This traditional shortcrust lattice pie is filled with sweet, ripe fruit- serve warm with plenty of custard, cream or ice cream