• Lemon meringue pie

    Lemon meringue pie

    A shot of ice-cold limoncello is the perfect partner to Stephen Terry’s version of this classic dessert

    A challenge
  • Spanish chicken pie

    Spanish chicken pie

    Roasted peppers, olives and paprika give this bake tons of flavour. It’s a great way to use up leftover cooked chicken too

  • Indian potato pie

    Indian potato pie

    This impressive vegetarian pie is really versatile – it tastes great hot, warm or cold, so you can make it well ahead

  • Green garden veg pie

    Green garden veg pie

    Veggie guests coming for dinner? Put this pie in the middle of the table and watch them dive in

  • Lamb pizza pies

    Lamb pizza pies

    These Turkish-style pasties offer a fool-proof supper solution

  • Chicken & leek pies

    Chicken & leek pies

    Comfort food doesn’t have to mean calories, this superhealthy pie uses filo pastry to keep it low in saturated fat