• Baba ganoush

    Baba ganoush

    A delicious smoky aubergine dip, perfect with warm flatbreads or pittas, or serve with other Middle Eastern dishes as part of a sharing meal

  • Turkish eggs

    Turkish eggs

    Looking for a warming bowl of comfort food for two? These easy vegetarian Turkish poached eggs can be ready in just 20 minutes

  • Turkish kebabs with tomato chilli sauce

    Turkish kebabs with tomato chilli sauce

    These spicy chicken kebabs can be marinated the day before for extra flavour. Wrap in a warm flatbread and top with pickled chilli and cooling yogurt

  • Turkish coffee sour

    Turkish coffee sour

    If you love coffee cocktails, try our festive sour. Seasonal favourites like warming cinnamon, aromatic cloves and spiced rum go well with a deep coffee hit

  • Turkish lamb flatbread

    Turkish lamb flatbread

    Perfect finger food for a party, put out this spiced lamb flatbread, sliced into squares and watch it disappear in minutes

    More effort
  • Turkish delight vodka

    Turkish delight vodka

    Infused spirits make great homemade gifts, or store yours in the cocktail cabinet for when guests come calling

  • Turkish-style sharing bread

    Turkish-style sharing bread

    This deep-pan version of a classic Turkish 'pizza' called lahmacun, topped with spicy lamb mince and red onion, cuts into bite-size wedges for a fuss-free yet flavour-packed party nibble

    More effort
  • Middle Eastern eggs with merguez & pistachios

    Middle Eastern eggs with merguez & pistachios

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    Bring some bold flavours into this brunch for two with harissa, sumac and pistachios – swap for chipolatas or chorizo if you prefer

  • Falafel burgers

    Falafel burgers

    Whizz up chickpeas with garlic, spices and herbs to make delicious vegetarian patties for lunch or dinner