• Chicken nacho grills

    Chicken nacho grills

    A fun way to serve chicken breasts and keep kids interested – why not get them to help?

  • Mexican bean salad

    Mexican bean salad

    Not one to leave your tummy rumbling, this filling salad really hits the spot and has a spicy kick

  • Mexican fish wraps

    Mexican fish wraps

    Kids can grab one of these yummy fish wraps on the go, a great low-fat snack

  • Roll-your-own fajitas

    Roll-your-own fajitas

    It’s always fun to assemble fajitas at the table, and it makes it easier for people to pick and choose ingredients depending on dietary requirements too

  • Spicy vegetable fajitas

    Spicy vegetable fajitas

    Here’s a spicy, vegetarian, help-yourself dish that’s ideal for hungry teenagers

  • Mexican soup with chicken

    Mexican soup with chicken

    All those typically Mexican flavours – lime, coriander, chilli – combined in a soup with the crunch of tortilla chips