• Prawn layered salad

    Prawn layered salad

    Solo suppers can still be a treat with this fast but flavour-packed recipe

  • Lunchbox snacks

    Lunchbox snacks

    Keep hunger pangs at bay with these healthy, yummy lunchbox nibbles

  • Melon & crunchy bran pots

    Melon & crunchy bran pots

    Not just for breakfast, this healthy pot of yoghurt, fruit and seeds is a real mid-afternoon hunger booster and ready in 10 minutes

  • Easy noodle soup

    Easy noodle soup

    This quick and easy soup is the perfect lunchtime meal for kids – satisfying and healthy too

  • Chorizo & tomato salad

    Chorizo & tomato salad

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    The combination of sweet, acidic tomatoes with salty, spicy chorizo and tangy sherry vinegar is a match made in heaven

  • Ham & beetroot salad bowl

    Ham & beetroot salad bowl

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    A great light lunchtime salad that uses everyday ingredients in a new and interesting way

  • Asian chicken salad

    Asian chicken salad

    This easy-to-prepare salad is filled with zingy flavours – the simplified version is great for kids’ lunchboxes too