• Winter whiskey sour

    Winter whiskey sour

    This classic bourbon cocktail takes a festive turn with a splash of orange juice and edible gold glitter – perfect for Christmas parties

  • Choc-orange hot chocolate

    Choc-orange hot chocolate

    Enjoy the heavenly combination of citrus and chocolate in sumptuous drink form by whipping up this double cream-based dream

  • Hazelnut cream hot chocolate

    Hazelnut cream hot chocolate

    A dollop of chocolate hazelnut spread here, a splash of nut liqueur there – this boozy hot chocolate with whipped cream is a glass of pure indulgence

  • Midnight mint hot chocolate

    Midnight mint hot chocolate

    This sumptuous and creamy, boozy blend is made with dark chocolate, double cream and a touch of mint liqueur

  • Eggnog


    An indulgent Christmas drink with egg yolks and brandy from BBC Good Food magazine reader Annemie Buyck

  • Bourbon cocktail

    Bourbon cocktail

    Serve this zingy cocktail, with crème de cacao and grenadine, with a twist of pared orange zest for a stylish party drink

  • Mulled Port & lemon

    Mulled Port & lemon

    If you find mulled wine too heavy, try this refreshing alternative Christmas drink, served in 'frosted' glasses

  • Amaretto fizz

    Amaretto fizz

    There's nothing like a quick cocktail to kick start your dinner party

  • Mulling syrup

    Mulling syrup

    This spiced syrup works equally well for mulled wine or cider. Make a batch ahead of time for entertaining or make up a gift kit for Christmas