• Wild salmon veggie bowl

    Wild salmon veggie bowl

    Succulent salmon flaked over a bed of healthy vegetables makes a delicious, protein-packed salad that’s also low-calorie, gluten-free and rich in beneficial omega-3 fats

  • Green goddess smoothie bowl

    Green goddess smoothie bowl

    Prepare this bowl of goodness the night before for a speedy breakfast bowl that’s all 5 of your 5-a-day!

  • Prawn laksa curry bowl

    Prawn laksa curry bowl

    Real fast food: a delicious and warming seafood one-pot, that takes just 15 minutes to make

  • Black bean, tofu & avocado rice bowl

    Black bean, tofu & avocado rice bowl

    Mix up your midweek meals with this vegetarian Mexican brown rice and grilled tofu dinner – swap for chunks of chorizo to make it meaty

  • Japanese-style mackerel rice bowl

    Japanese-style mackerel rice bowl

    This no-fuss fish dish is packed with Asian flavours of sweet, salty teriyaki sauce, garlic and lemon – ready in half an hour

  • Thai beef & broccoli noodle bowl

    Thai beef & broccoli noodle bowl

    This easy Thai beef stir-fry with coconut milk, honey and fish sauce served over rice noodles is packed with flavour, and ready in 30 minutes

  • Fruit & nut breakfast bowl

    Fruit & nut breakfast bowl

    Top cheap and healthy porridge oats with chopped fresh oranges, Greek yogurt and a sprinkling of dried fruit, nuts and seeds

  • Turmeric smoothie bowl

    Turmeric smoothie bowl

    Full of warming and nourishing ingredients, this creamy breakfast bowl can be ready in just 10 minutes

  • Curried udon soup

    Curried udon soup

    Whip up a warming bowl of curried noodle soup in just 25 minutes – made creamy with coconut milk and topped with chunks of tofu