• Spiced meat rub

    Spiced meat rub

    This quick and simple herb rub can be put into a mill and used to marinade or season meat and vegetables

  • Pineapple chutney

    Pineapple chutney

    Give this tangy fruit pickle away as a gift or keep in your cupboard for a colourful household condiment

  • Pickled pears

    Pickled pears

    A stylish and gorgeous treat, spooned out of the jar with a little of the syrup

  • Melting middle truffles

    Melting middle truffles

    Get these made and in the freezer up to a month ahead, then simply pull them out when you’re ready

  • Red onion marmalade

    Red onion marmalade

    Soft, sticky onion marmalade – great with pâtés and terrrines or a ploughman’s lunch

    More effort
  • Sweet chilli jam

    Sweet chilli jam

    This has a kick, but won’t blow your head off, and goes well with any selection of cold cuts of meat

  • Lavender sugar

    Lavender sugar

    Great in shortbread, sprinkled over a sponge or stirred into berries, give jars of lavender sugar as gifts or wedding favours

  • Smoky paprika peppers

    Smoky paprika peppers

    A great gift for a dinner party host, or just a tasty snack on their own

    More effort