• Universal biscuit dough

    Universal biscuit dough

    Use this recipe to make our raspberry dodgers, vanilla spirals, checkerboard and ginger biscuits. Box up your biscuits into a festive box to gift to friends

  • Christmas raspberry dodgers

    Christmas raspberry dodgers

    Make these fun festive biscuits as a Christmas gift for friends and family. They’re made with our universal dough recipe, raspberry jam and icing sugar

  • Apple, cardamom & stem ginger granola

    Apple, cardamom & stem ginger granola

    Gift this granola at Christmas for a thoughtful present. Packed with dried fruit, nuts and stem ginger, it will keep in an airtight container for up to a month

  • Vanilla spiral biscuits

    Vanilla spiral biscuits

    Make these spiral biscuits as a festive gift at Christmas for friends and family. Made with red and green food colouring, they use our universal dough recipe

  • Ricciarelli biscuits

    Ricciarelli biscuits

    Rustle up these Italian-inspired almond biscuits. Gift to family and friends at Christmas, or make a batch for your own biscuit tin as a treat

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  • Chocolate Christmas biscuits

    Chocolate Christmas biscuits

    These easy chocolate biscuits are the perfect Christmas treat that both kids and adults will love. Get the whole family involved with decoration

  • Citrus marmalade

    Citrus marmalade

    Have some citrus fruits threatening to go soft in your fruit bowl? Make a zingy marmalade – as well as spreading it on your toast, it makes a lovely gift

  • Fruity flapjack cookies

    Fruity flapjack cookies

    Toast oats before mixing them into the dough to make these fruity cookies, a delicious hybrid of syrupy flapjacks and coconut macaroons

  • Plantain puffs

    Plantain puffs

    Serve these moreish plantain puffs with a coffee sauce for dunking. Shared by food author Melissa Thompson, the recipe is inspired by her Jamaican heritage

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  • Pumpkin pickle

    Pumpkin pickle

    Make your own Christmas hamper and be sure to add this seasonal pumpkin pickle. It can be served with cold meats, cheese or a slice of warm savoury pie

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