• Steak tartare, duck egg yolk and croutons

    Steak tartare, duck egg yolk and croutons

    Forget slaving over the stovetop, your next dinner party can be as gourmet as it is relaxed, with this easy recipe by Fume’s Executive Chef Grant Brunsdsen.

  • Mini banoffee pies

    Mini banoffee pies

    Go retro with this easy and ever-popular dessert that's been given a smart dinner party makeover

  • Sticky toffee apple pudding

    Sticky toffee apple pudding

    Try a fruity version of the classic sticky toffee pudding for a rich after-dinner treat. Serve with cream, custard or vanilla ice cream

  • Parmesan spring chicken

    Parmesan spring chicken

    Dish up an easy, delicious chicken dinner that's full of spring flavours. The parmesan coating gives a satisfying crunch, and the meat inside stays tender

  • Mustard-stuffed chicken

    Mustard-stuffed chicken

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    This is so good we'd be surprised if this chicken fillet recipe doesn't become a firm favourite. Save it to your My Good Food collection and enjoy

  • Courgette fritters

    Courgette fritters

    Grate your courgette and add to a pancake batter then fry up these mini veggie patties with chilli dip

  • Figs with prosciutto

    Figs with prosciutto

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    A super-quick, delicious fig and prosciutto dish, great for a starter or snack