• Honey-glazed roast carrots

    Honey-glazed roast carrots

    Roasting carrots intensifies their flavour and the honey and vinegar make them deliciously sweet and sour

  • St Clements carrots

    St Clements carrots

    Use some of the heap of clementines lying around over the Christmas period to make these sticky, citrussy roasted carrots

  • Best Yorkshire puddings

    Best Yorkshire puddings

    The secret to getting gloriously puffed-up Yorkshires is to have the fat sizzling hot and don't open the oven door!

  • Sticky spiced red cabbage

    Sticky spiced red cabbage

    This colourful dish will complement any
    festive main course. Toss any leftovers with a drizzle
    of olive oil and serve with
    cold cuts, pâté or cheese

  • Parmesan-roasted potatoes

    Parmesan-roasted potatoes

    These are a great addition to Christmas dinner, and perfect for Boxing Day bubble and squeak… if you have any left over

  • Really simple cranberry sauce

    Really simple cranberry sauce

    Making your own sauce is really easy, and you can do it a few days ahead. Plus, this one uses only three ingredients