• Pork & pepper meatballs on parsnip mash

    Pork & pepper meatballs on parsnip mash

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    The ultimate comfort food: sweet red pepper mixed into these meatballs add depth of flavour and parsnip mash is a great twist on your usual spuds

  • Maple spiced parsnips

    Maple spiced parsnips

    Take your standard veggie side dish to the next level by tossing parsnips in maple syrup, cumin and turmeric – a great accompaniment to Sunday lunch

  • Parsnip croquettes

    Parsnip croquettes

    This show-stealing side dish of roasted parsnips and creamy béchamel is breadcrumbed and deep-fried for crisp, golden bites

    A challenge
  • Salted maple-roasted parsnips

    Salted maple-roasted parsnips

    Roast root vegetables with maple syrup and thyme leaves until soft and sticky, then serve as a side dish to your traditional festive feast

  • Parsnip pilaf

    Parsnip pilaf

    Slow cook basmati rice with lentils and spices, roast your veg then serve with a coriander, dill, parsley and mint salsa verde

    More effort