• Prawn & grain poke bowls

    Prawn & grain poke bowls

    Quickly marinate prawns in a chilli & lime dressing, then serve with grains, mango, radish, avocado and spring onions. This poke bowl is the ultimate summer salad

  • Mozzarella & pesto chickpeas on toast

    Mozzarella & pesto chickpeas on toast

    Mash up chickpeas and add pesto, sundried tomatoes and mozzarella to make a tasty topping for sourdough toast. It takes just 10 minutes to make

  • Speedy papa al pomodoro

    Speedy papa al pomodoro

    Make our papa al pomodoro, a thrifty Tuscan stew made simply from stale bread and tomatoes. It’s really quick to make and perfect for using up stale bread

  • Miso noodles with fried eggs

    Miso noodles with fried eggs

    This quick and healthy veggie dinner has a base of wholemeal noodles for a filling, fibre-rich supper. It's packed with 4 of your 5-a-day, plus vitamin C and iron too

  • Tagliata & borlotti beans

    Tagliata & borlotti beans

    Try a simple midweek version of tagliata, an Italian dish of sliced steak, peppery rocket leaves and shaved parmesan. It takes just 20 minutes to make

  • Crab & tangled asparagus salad on toast

    Crab & tangled asparagus salad on toast

    Shave asparagus into ribbons to top Tom Kerridge's crab on toast – it isn’t something you see often and gives the dish a chef's touch. It makes a lovely starter 

  • Smashed cannellini bean tartine

    Smashed cannellini bean tartine

    A mix of garlic, chilli, parsley and smashed cannellini beans top these no-cook tartines along with feta and tomatoes. They're quick and easy, and healthy, too

  • Chicken & pistachio salad

    Chicken & pistachio salad

    Toss chicken breast, boiled eggs, Little Gem, sundried tomatoes and toasted nuts in a zesty dressing for a quick salad that's rich in calcium, folate and iron

  • Halloumi & quinoa fattoush

    Halloumi & quinoa fattoush

    With griddled halloumi, toasted pitta pieces, grains, tomatoes, dill and mint, this Middle Eastern-inspired salad makes a speedy and satisfying lunch for four

  • Coronation prawns on toasted naan

    Coronation prawns on toasted naan

    Create a speedy supper that's big on flavour with curried king prawns and chickpeas served on garlic naan. You can make it in just 11 minutes so it's perfect for busy days